Hunter Elite TD Wheel Alignment

We have invested heavily in our wheel alignment bay bringing you the very best wheel alignment system there is, the Hunter Elite TD, as used by all leading car manufacturers.​

This wheel alignment system, used by our expert, fully-trained, technicians, is so good that many supercar owners travel from all over Scotland to have the wheels on their McLarens, Ferraris & Porsches aligned by us. But we use this system on every car which comes through our doors.

Mis-aligned wheels can be very costly because they cause rapid excess wear of tyres – drivers should monitor unusual tyre wear as this is a common sign of misaligned wheels – and the overall safety, handling, and fuel consumption of the vehicle are greatly reduced. Modern cars have multiple angle adjustments for the wheels and they all need to be set correctly for the car to perform properly.

If a tyre is wearing unevenly due to being misaligned those tyres will continue to wear unevenly throughout their life regardless of subsequent correct wheel alignment, as the damage will already be done to the tread. However, once the wheels are correctly aligned they will wear more slowly and the vehicle’s handling will be much improved.

Wheels can become misaligned for a number of reasons including hitting potholes in the road, mounting kerbs, or excessive wear from steering & suspension components. Also, if any suspension work or replacement has been carried out then the alignment MUST be checked afterwards.

We are always delighted to check your wheel alignment, free of charge, and advise of any adjustments if required. When adjustments start at only £25 + VAT per adjustment, why go elsewhere?​​

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